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Engage PEO is passionate about helping our clients thrive. The small and mid-sized businesses we serve sharpen their competitive edge by leveraging our full suite of solutions for business and the expertise of our team of experienced HR professionals. 

What can Engage do for you?

  • Open doors to a Fortune 500®-caliber suite of HR services and employee benefits. 
  • Improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your HR and safety functions.
  • Empower your managers and employees with fully integrated, advanced, cloud-based technology solutions. Streamline your payroll, onboarding, benefits enrollment, time & attendance, offer employee self-service tools, and more. 
  • Ensure compliance with the labyrinth of regulations employers face today. Engage is the only PEO in the industry that delivers its HR field services exclusively through employment attorneys.
  • Make you an employer-of-choice for top talent within your industry. Studies show that employees of businesses with best-in-class human resources are more engaged, contributing to improved business performance and employee retention.
  • Allow you to focus on your core business, leaving the complex and constantly changing world of professional human resources to the experts. Don’t Worry. We’ve Got this.

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Engage PEO’s HR, benefits and employment law professionals share knowledge and insights that matter to business.

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