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PEO Payroll Services & Tax Administration

Powered by our secure, cloud-based technology platform and strict process discipline, Engage’s experienced payroll team delivers full payroll processing and tax administration solutions for various business types, including small and mid-sized businesses across many different verticals. 

From W2 processing to time and attendance tracking to tax filing, we ensure you’re in compliance with all local, state, federal tax laws so you don’t have to. When working with Engage, you’ll have access to our team of payroll experts to help ease the burden of payroll. Whatever comes your way, we have you covered. 

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Our PEO Payroll Services 

Payroll processing and tax administration are tedious and thorough tasks that can take a lot of time and resources. Don’t let these processes get in the way of keeping your business successful and your employees happy. Engage can lend a helping hand with our comprehensive HR solutions, tailored to meet your specific needs. 

Payroll Processing: Make payroll processing and paying employees simple with easy online access, real-time alerts of potential payroll issues, a robust employee portal, seamless integration, and more. Explore our complete range of services below. 

  • Overnight delivery of reports and payroll
  • Web payroll access, including employee self-service
  • Time and attendance system integration
  • A full suite of payroll reports including online access
  • Garnishment administration
  • Benefits and deduction processing such as paid time off
  • Wire and reverse wire transfer processing
  • Direct deposit 
  • Pay cards

Tax Administration: Accurately collect and pay taxes every payroll, be prepared for tax season and never miss a beat on industry regulation updates with assistance in federal, state, and local payroll tax. Explore our complete range of services below. 

  • Federal, state and local payroll tax filing and remittance
  • Tax compliance support with help from knowledgeable professionals
  • W-2 processing, including electronic distribution
  • Workforce and expense management
  • Workers’ compensation claims administration
  • Job costing
  • Payroll audits
  • Census reporting

HR Solutions for All Business Types

Managing a small or mid-sized business takes a lot out of your day-to-day, and payroll and taxes can be just as time consuming. For years, our team has helped solve the pain points of small to mid-sized HR issues. Engage’s PEO payroll and tax administration services are available 24/7 via our service platform as a flexible and automated solution to all business types and sizes. 

Whether you’re choosing a PEO for the first time or seeking a new PEO partner, you can rely on Engage with all of your payroll and tax administration needs. We aim to help you keep your employees happy and meet all compliance regulations by conducting payroll services with the highest level of standards.

Small Business PEO Payroll Services

As one of the leading payroll companies for small businesses, Engage’s comprehensive services and hands-on support can help ease the time-consuming burden of small business payroll processing and tax filing. 

Our small business payroll software services are specifically designed to help you take your organization where it needs to go. Engage’s seasoned HR solutions experts can get you off the ground and keep important administrative processes running with faster, easier and more reliable solutions specifically for small businesses. 

Mid-Sized Business PEO Payroll Services

Several mid-sized businesses like yours trust Engage PEO to help pay their employees and stay compliant with current tax regulations. We know what it takes to help you manage your entire workforce with ease, so you can focus on other important aspects. 

Our HR solutions for mid-sized businesses offer all the tools you need to make informed decisions on the direction of your company. We’ll work with you to understand your business goals and automate HR and payroll solutions to help improve efficiency and keep your organization thriving. 

We’ll take the wheel and guide your organization’s payroll and tax tasks. Define your level of control and we’ll accommodate your needs with flexible access to our seasoned team of labor attorneys at any time. Engage is the PEO payroll services partner you can trust.

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