Answers to Vaccine Questions

Engage's CEO, Jay Starkman, is among the business leaders and medical and legal experts who spoke with the Sun-Sentinel to address questions about the COVID-19 vaccines and related workplace issues.

"Can my job lay me off if I do not have the COVID shot or refuse to take it?” 

A. Yes, you may lose your job if you decline a COVID-19 vaccine. The Sun-Sentinel asked several workplace experts this question, and the consensus was that as long as the employer treats everyone equally, a mandate is allowed.

Jay Starkman: “If it is not a refusal where [the employees] are taking steps to show a religious belief or a bona fide medical reason, then the answer is yes, as long as the policy is uniformly enforced. You can’t say these three employees are going to be fired, but this fourth one is essential to the business — we’re going to keep them on. You can’t do that.”

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