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Independent Grocers to Receive Healthcare Reform Guidance, Solutions, and World-Class HR Management

St. Petersburg, Fla. – May 29, 2013 – Engage PEO, a leading professional employment organization providing HR outsourcing solutions to small and mid-sized businesses, and the Grocer Exchange, LLC, a leading independent grocery segment exchange consisting of independent urban supermarkets, located primarily in New York, Illinois, Texas, California and Florida, today jointly announced their partnership to provide PEO solutions to all participating Grocer Exchange members.                                        

Engage PEO will provide a variety of solutions to the Grocer Exchange and its subsidiary, Founders Assurance Mutual, LLC (FAM), members, allowing the supermarkets to focus appropriately on their core business instead of cumbersome payroll, benefits and risk administration functions. Among others, Engage’s key functions in the service of the Grocer Exchange members will be to:

  1. Ensure compliance with the Affordable Care Act;
  2. Provide compliance expertise on consistently changing and complex employment legislation;
  3. Provide savings through aggregation of services; and
  4. Improve the quality of HR and benefits, helping the grocers to be employers-of-choice.

“Grocer Exchange members now have something previously unavailable to them – Fortune 500 benefits and HR solutions,” said Jay Starkman, CEO of Engage PEO. “Small businesses are faced with unique challenges in today’s operating environment, especially in regards to compliance with the requirements of healthcare reform.  By aligning together and partnering with Engage, these Grocer Exchange independent grocers have an immediate and enduring competitive edge.”

“The Grocer Exchange and FAM provide supermarket members access to actual store performance data and analytics along with state-of-the-art, real-time consumer information, market information and shopper marketing revenue streams historically available to only the largest chains.  We’ve now done that again with Engage PEO.  After a thorough due diligence, it was clear that Engage would provide our grocers with the unparalleled service they deserve,” said Frank Edward Romero, the Chief Revenue Generation Officer at the Grocer Exchange, “Coupled with our Hyperion real-time technology solutions, Engage PEO has created a customized product offering that any grocer doing business today is well advised to adopt and shouldn’t be without.”

With thousands of worksite employees already experiencing Engage’s “Expect More” benefits and service philosophy, the company continues to grow nationally with a focus on its unique insurance broker partnership model to offer comprehensive HR solutions to small and mid-sized businesses nationally.

About Engage PEO

Engage PEO delivers comprehensive HR solutions to small and mid-sized businesses, sharpening their competitive advantage. Comprised of the industry’s most respected veteran professional employer organization executives, certified HR professionals and attorneys, Engage PEO provides hands-on, expert HR services and counsel to help clients minimize cost and maximize efficiency for stronger business performance.   The company’s superior service offering includes a full range of health and worker’s compensation insurance products, payroll technology and tax administration, risk management services and best-of-breed technology as part of an extensive suite of HR services.  For more information visit

About Grocer Exchange

The Grocer Exchange was formed to harness the power of data, data analytics, real-time information services, sales promotion and in-store shopper marketing, fueled by the buying power of 2,180 independently-owned urban supermarkets operating in New York, Illinois, Texas, Southern California and Florida.  The Grocer Exchange provides member supermarkets access to multiple revenue streams historically available only to large chains, as well as providing manufacturers with a unified channel to this fragmented retail space that primarily serves the highly desirable U. S. multicultural consumer.