Engage Simple Business Solutions: Meeting the Unique Needs of Companies With fewer Than 50 Insured Employees


Engage Simple Business Solutions: Meeting the Unique Needs of Companies With fewer Than 50 Insured Employees

Engage PEO has a competitive suite of employer group benefit programs tailored to meet the unique and challenging needs of businesses with 10 to 49 employees. Engage Simple Business Solutions provides access to a select portfolio of medical plans that all meet the minimum individual mandate requirements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). A suite of voluntary benefit products are also part of the mix, giving companies of all sizes the ability to offer their employees a variety of supplemental plans to fit individual needs, from dental and vision plans to life insurance and disability coverage and tax advantaged flexible spending and health savings programs.

“As HR advisors, it is our job to continuously provide viable options to our clients and help them make smart choices, especially when it comes to health benefits and compliance,” says Dorothy Miraglia King, executive vice president of Engage. “Some of our clients and their employees, however, can sometimes be overwhelmed when offered too many choices or options that are more suitable for larger employers. That’s why our Simple Business Solutions suite is streamlined and designed to be flexible and affordable.”

Through this offering, Engage’s clients can select among three competitively priced medical plans provided by Aetna, plus an attractive package of voluntary benefits to offer employees, all delivered through a convenient, paperless online enrollment process. Engage Simple Business Solutions complements a more robust portfolio of ACA-compliant benefit plans and products geared to employers of 50 or more employees, provided via a private Engage Corporate Exchange.

“It is critically important for employers with fewer than 50 employees to realize that once they offer health benefits to their employees, they turn on the ACA switch,” said Jay Starkman, chief executive officer of Engage. “That means that they are subject to the same Affordable Care Act mandates imposed on larger employers. Engage manages all of the complex ACA compliance issues for our clients no matter how many employees they have – that is a huge load off of their shoulders.”



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