Benefits Enrollment Browser and Device Recommendations

In the interest of security and in order to ensure the best experience when using Engage's Onboarding and Enrollment (OnHRP) solution, please note the browser settings listed below.

Minimum Supported Browsers

  OS Version Internet Explorer Chrome Firefox Safari Edge
Windows 10 11 61.0.3 56.0.x N/A N/A
Mac 10.12 Sierra and up N/A 61.0.3 56.0.x 10.1.2 N/A
Tablet: iPad iOS 9.3.5 and up N/A 61.0.3 9.3 10.1.2 N/A


Popup Blocker Settings

Safari Users: Popups must be enabled.  There isn't any exception list for popups in Safari. Popups are enabled for all sites or none.

Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox Users:
The following URL’s must be added to the Allow list, or Exception list in the selected browser.


Saved Passwords

Ensure there are no saved web passwords for