How March Madness Can Hurt (or Help) Office Productivity

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How March Madness Can Hurt (or Help) Office Productivity

Every March, workers spend hours filling out NCAA Tournament brackets and watching games, costing companies billions of dollars. But there are pluses for employers, too.

Engage CEO, Jay Starkman, spoke to BizTech on the topic.

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4 Tips to Make Sure Your Company's Vacation Schedule Doesn't End up a Hot Mess

If you have multiple employees taking PTO simultaneously, what do you do? In a word, "prepare."

Engage's CEO, Jay Starkman speaks to EntrepreneurRead this news.

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What Every Employer Should Know About Hiring Interns

It's rare when a for-profit, private sector business can show that the work completed by an intern was not for its immediate advantage. As a result, most companies err on the side of caution and pay their interns.

Learn more about how to implement a paid - or unpaid internship program...

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