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After 20 years of experience marked by substantial achievement and success, the founders of Engage – Jay Starkman and Midge Seltzer – surveyed the current state of the PEO industry they had dedicated so much of their careers to building.  They didn’t like much of what they saw.

As the industry grew, more and more PEO players were focusing exclusively on the bottom line, driving operating costs down wherever possible: off-shoring jobs, eliminating service offerings and cutting corners on delivery, all to the detriment of clients.  The rationale for these moves was uniform:   “The economy is mandating changes and clients will just have to expect less.”

Delivering on Expectations

But for many clients, “expect less” was not acceptable.   In an industry where customer satisfaction is measured by client retention, the results of these practices were increasingly evident.  In fact, it became common practice for sales calls by PEO’s to be made almost exclusively to current customers of another PEO, as those customers were most likely to switch.

Even more disappointing to Jay and Midge, this hadn’t impacted the “pitch” of PEOs at the point of sale or the efforts to execute on the commitments made.  Salespeople across the industry were overselling their services and promising the world, but sales puffing and reality quickly collided.  No efforts were being made to invest in the quality expertise needed to deliver on the promises.

A Return to Quality Service

To Jay and Midge, this is just wrong.   After all, it is a PEO’s job to make sure that your employees are well-taken care of and nothing should be more important.  They would not allow this to be the ultimate fate of the PEO industry.  This evolved into the birth of Engage’s Expect More philosophy.

Jay and Midge set out to build a PEO where the quality of service is the focus of everything.  Salespeople are highly skilled and trained on exactly what Engage can do, understanding that overselling is not an acceptable practice.  Our service delivery experts take the time to listen to each prospective client to learn and understand client’s HR needs and expectations.  Most importantly, client satisfaction is measured by how far Engage’s products and services exceed the client’s higher expectations.  The mantra lived by every Engage team member is that PEO clients should have the right to EXPECT MORE from their PEO, and Engage delivers.

Investing in Excellence

Engage not only encourages clients to Expect More, but we put our money behind our philosophy.  Investments are made in all aspects of service delivery: technology, including our state-of-the-art Engage Information Center, products, such as our A-rated carriers, leadership and people.  Unique in the industry – every human resources representative not only is highly trained in human resources, but they all have a law degree.  Engage even offers a guaranty where clients are refunded their fees if these higher expectations aren’t satisfied.

This is Engage.  We have set out to revolutionize this industry once again.  We ask you nothing but to “Expect More” from your PEO.  When you do, the HR advantage that Engage delivers to its clients becomes clear.

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