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Job Offers: Why Rescinding One Can be Risky Business

By Jay Starkman and Deby Skawinski

Although rescinding a job offer is not necessarily illegal, there are risks for an employer to consider.

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Steady progress in the job market means employers are extending more job offers and more candidates are accepting.


Using Social Media to Recruit Employees? Avoid These Pitfalls

By Jay Starkman and Midge Seltzer

Social media continues to play an expanding role in the way new hires are recruited. Two issues in particular make social media use attractive to recruiters: the ability to capture a lot of eyeballs by advertising a job on social networks and the ablity to view a job applicant's social media account(s) during the screening process.

Employers can reap substantial benefits by incorporating social media into their hiring processes, but must ensure it is utilized properly to avert legal pitfalls.