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Unused Vacation days? To Pay or Not to Pay

Many employers are faced with the conundrum of whether to pay out unused but accrued vacation time when an employee is separated. Sometimes employers want to pay out vacation as a reward to an exceptional employee leaving on good terms. Sometimes the opposite is true, such as when an employee leaves without giving any notice. So the question arises, “Do I have to pay this person?” The answer is almost universally the same:  “it depends.”


Can I Send a Sick Employee Home?

By Jay Starkman and Vanessa Matsis-McCready

Best practice guidelines for managing sick employees in the workplace.


Paid Time Off For Voting? Be Sure You Know the Law

By Jay Starkman and Ryan Hollander

Regardless of whether or not it's election season, employers should always make note of voting leave laws, especially since they vary from state to state.