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Google Follows A Growing Workplace Trend: Hiring More Contractors Than Employees

A growing trend among tech employers: opting to hire contractors over full-time employees. Engage HR Consultant, Angela Rochester, weighs in on the impact to businesses across all industries, and workers.

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Vacation Policies and How to Actually Disconnect from Work While on Vacation

It's tempting to blame employers, tyrant bosses and the "always-on" workplace culture that the Internet and cellphones have crated. But the reality is that most companies have policies and procedures in place to allow their employees' vacations to be time that is truly away from the job, according to Engage assistant general counsel and human resources consultant, Vanessa Matsis-McCready

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With More Contractors than Employees, Google Risks Massive Lawsuit Under California Law

The misclassification of employees as contractors is a common practice and a thorny issue that's led several large employers to pay hefty settlements. 

Engage HR Consultant, Robert Dominguez speaks to Inc. magazine  

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The Connection Challenge: Keeping Gig Workers Connected to Work and Co-Workers

How can gig workers be a part of your company culture when they're not physically in the same location as your other workers?

Alex Nadal, Engage HR consultant and assistant general counsel shares some insights.

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How to Create a Good Culture for Your Small Business

 Engage CEO, Jay Starkman, talks culture - and how to cultivate it - with the Associated Press.

Many owners are busy with customers, vendors and finances, and culture isn’t something they think about

"Owners who want to develop a good company culture should take a first step of determining what kind of culture they want. For example, a culture can be performance-based, strive for work/life balance, put employees’ families first or be a combination..."

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Workplace Violence: How Your Business Should Prepare and React

Violence in the workplace can occur in various forms. It can be verbal or physical. Knowing how to prevent workplace violence in any form is essential to the health of your business, and knowing how to properly react to an incident is just as important.

Engage's VP of Risk Management, Julie Croushore, talks to on this important topic.