Blog Posts for November 2018

Some FYIs on FSAs - Use it. Don't Lose it.

November 26, 2018

The IRS recently announced changes to the 2019 contribution caps for health flexible spending accounts and transportation plans.

The annual, pre-tax contribution limit for employee health flexible spending accounts (FSAs) will increase $50 in 2019 to $2,700. This also applies to limited-purpose FSAs which are designed for use with health savings accounts and exclusively cover dental and vision expenses. 

2019 Minimum Wage Changes

November 15, 2018

A number of states and local jurisdictions will raise their minimum wage in 2019. 

See the latest information on upcoming changes.

2019 Minimum Wage Changes

Cyber Threats: Plan Now to Maximize Your Agency’s Value

November 8, 2018

Agency owners and producers must not only be experts in the products they offer, these days they must be tech-savvy too—or find the right partners to help them. Above all, they must learn about, and defend against, mounting cyber threats.

Voter Leave Laws

November 2, 2018

State officials across the country are predicting record voter turnout on election day. Are you prepared?

Employers should review their policies to make sure employees are provided time off to vote as required by law, and that all other obligations of the business are met. 

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