Blog Posts for April 2017

What Employers Need to Know About Drug Testing

April 24, 2017

Many companies require drug testing as a condition of employment, as part of continued employment, and as part of post-accident procedure. But are companies required to drug test, and if so, when and how should employees be tested?

Another New Paid Sick Leave Law?

April 10, 2017

Keeping up with emerging trends in labor laws such as changing paid sick leave rules is a growing burden for companies. Add to that the fact that labor laws are not known to be models of clarity -  and employers are left with more questions than they can handle.

Hiring and Working with People on the Autism Spectrum

April 3, 2017

While employers are accustomed to providing ergonomic workstations for employees with repetitive motion disorders or flexible hours for an employee returning to work after surgery, employers are just beginning to get comfortable accommodating employees with different cognitive abilities, including individuals with autism spectrum disorders.

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