Blog Posts for December 2015

What Employers Should Know About 'Ban the Box'

December 22, 2015

The movement to remove one question from employment applications — the question regarding an applicant’s criminal history — continues to garner attention and has become law in more than 60 cities and 13 states, with more to join soon.

Winter-Survival Tips: Managing Sick Employees and Snow Days

December 17, 2015

As winter drags on, employers should be prepared to contend with issues associated with the cold weather months.

Every company deals with some winter-related problems. Bad weather makes employees late, slowing down productivity or causing damage to company assets.

But not all winter-related problems require as much attention or management as others.

How to Protect Employees from Workplace Violence

December 7, 2015

Recent tragic events are sobering reminders that violence in the workplace is an issue of concern for all of us.

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