Blog Posts for September 2015

New Study Shows Strong and Steady Growth For the PEO Industry

September 15, 2015

In 2016, the Small Business Efficiency Act (“SBEA”) goes into effect, providing the first-ever federal statutory recognition of Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs). When Congress passed the law late last year, it was recognized as a watershed event for the industry and a signal of more growth ahead in the already expanding PEO space.

Why Building a Wellness Culture is Good for Business

September 10, 2015

For decades, companies have promoted safety in the workplace to help prevent on-the-job injuries and create a safer work environment for all employees. Safety programs also help businesses decrease workers’ compensation claims and avoid rising insurance premiums. The same theory applies to corporate wellness programs, and then some.

6 Tips for Effective Documentation

September 2, 2015

Thorough documentation is a critical part of performance management. It’s also a vital component when building an employer’s defense against complaints such as EEOC charges or unemployment insurance disputes.

While an absence of documentation can be devastating to an employer’s defense, poorly written documentation can be just as damaging. Below are six tips on effective documentation:

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